pleasure (work in process) Movement Research at the Judson Memorial Church 2014






"The Emerald House" 2013 Photo: Neil de la Flor



performer + collaborator



Español con Priscilla Photo: The Calhoun School



        teaching artist 


Photo: Neil de la Flor


las noticias 

¿qué pasa?

August-October 2018, New York City

Priscilla participates in The Creators Circle with Johnny Sanchez. She begins writing a short film to be filmed in La Habana, Cuba. Stay tuned! 

September-December, New York City

Priscilla continues to develop a solo project reflecting 30 years of live performance. Stay tuned! 

September 2018, Upper West Side, New York City

Priscilla begins her third year at The Calhoun School Lower School as the Español teaching specialist. She is so happy to create holistic interdisciplinary experiences for young children from ages 4- Second grade! 

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