pleasure (work in process) Movement Research at the Judson Memorial Church 2014






"The Emerald House" 2013 Photo: Neil de la Flor



performer + collaborator



Español con Priscilla Photo: The Calhoun School



        teaching artist 


Photo: Neil de la Flor


las noticias 

¿qué pasa?

Summer 2017, New York   

Ferrán Martín and Priscilla are performing on June 17th, 2017 at Profound Studio at 265 Weirfield Street in Brooklyn, New York. 

September 2016, Upper West Side, New York City

Priscilla joins The Calhoun School faculty as the Lower School Spanish teacher.  Priscilla believes the only way to fully learn a language is through falling in love with its sound, its rhythm, by experiencing and immersing in its lifestyle.  Our Spanish program at Lower School in 74th street is an introduction to learning and developing vocabulary, cultural experiences, and feeling joy towards a second language through music and dance.

September 2016, Wards Island, New York 

Catch choreographer Theresa Duhon and her collaborators Lutin Tanner and Priscilla Marrero in a piece (part set choreography, part structured improvisation) inspired by and performed on and around Tracie Hervy's public art installation "Three Boroughs," as part of FLOW on Randalls Island.


This outdoor performance, Movements for Three Boroughs, will take place on Saturday, September 17, from 5:30-6:45 p.m. Duhon Dance will share the program with choreographers Chloe Chotrani, Frederica Lewis, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, and Nina Mendez Marti. Look for the large wooden frames on the southeastern part of the island, between the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge and the Hell Gate Bridge. For a map and directions, visit http://www.flowartnyc.org/map-directions/map

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