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I am a multilingual performing artist. I speak Spanish, English, French and movement, and I feel as if I have a different personality using each. As a choreographer, this creates a state of awareness that heightens my analysis of behavior and movement patterns in the people with whom I am engaging. I feel connected and empathetic towards the artist, community, architecture or landscape I am working with.


I work with improvisational tools to structure my pieces, and pull from the languages of art and education. I am influenced by the work of Feldenkrais, Anne Green Gilbert, and John Dewey to liberate the body from its habits, systems and traumas. Most recently I have been inspired by the work of contemporary artists Sara Shelton Mann, Luis Lara Malvacias, and Jeremy Nelson, in the way they have been able to blend the healing modalites through experimental performance.


Through the language of movement, I develop work intuitively in relation to architecture. I feel that I can empathize with the structure I’m improvising in by treating my body as my house, fine-tuning and cleaning it in order to poetically engage with the world. The Emerald House (2013), for example, was developed for shelters and housing projects in Miami, Florida. We played with magic to address the problematic uniformity of the ideal body as proposed by Le Corbusier’s modular architecture and its cultural disconnect when built in Latin America, USA, and North Africa.

I work independently, and also collaborate with Ferrán Martín, a sculptor and public architect. Together we have formed ce n’est pas nous, a project with an open door policy regarding participation.  It challenges the idea of the author through interdisciplinary collaboration and community, opening our projects to any individual to participate through thought, invitation, or surprise. Since 2013, our mission is to transform communities through live performances.





Priscilla Marrero is pure energy. The Miami-born performer, choreographer, teaching artist and writer questions physical embodiment expressed through interdisciplinary performance rituals. Through the language of movement, she develops work intuitively connected and empathetic towards the artist, community, architecture or landscape she is working with.  Since 2012, she collaborates in creating projects such as untitled (2015), The Emerald House(2013); A la Altura de Mi Padre | Film Installation (2012) with experimental sculptor, film and performance artist Ferrán Martín. In New York, she has an ongoing collaboration with choreographers and performers Jeremy Nelson and Luis Lara Malvacias. Her work has received support through Inkub8 Artist Residency, Movement Research at the Judson Church,  Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs, Artist Access Grant and Miami Light Project’s Here and Now: (2012). Training: Moving Alchemy with Sara Shelton Mann (2016), Ponderosa Choreography Module (2012), Artistic Dance Center (2011), Florida International University BA in Dance (2009). She is currently based in Harlem, New York with her family and facilitates “Español” through song and movement classes at The Calhoun Lower School.





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